Go, Team Winners! Why Are Jersey Numbers Important?

Why is it so important for a soccer team to have its own personalized uniforms? While the answer almost spells itself when it comes to professional soccer teams, there might be a few of you wondering if it is that important to spend time, energy, and money on tailoring uniforms for small, local soccer teams for children or teens. To answer your question and other related, here is a brief insight into the universe of soccer shirts and uniforms.

You’re No Longer Just A Number

Soccer in its earliest days used to have players wearing the simplest shirts with only numbers on them, and the biggest joy of a player was to get a number among the top 11. These numbers were used in order for fans, the media, and the players on the field to clearly distinguish themselves from one another. The numbering used to occur on the starting formation, with the top players being numbered 1 through 11, starting with the team’s goalkeeper. Players wearing 12 and beyond were substitutes. Over the years and once soccer evolved at a bigger level altogether, this particular formation started to vary from one country to the other. Television made it easier to identify players on the field, and the marketing of numbered soccer team jersey of the most beloved players went through the roof. More recently, the first 11 numbers no longer pose the same importance as they once used to, but number 1 continues to be attributed to the goalkeeper alone.    

The Fascination For Numbers

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As for your soccer shirts, uniforms and the rest of the teamwear, feel free to get in touch with us so we can out your best ideas into practice asap!